Monte Lino

The survey of the existing conditions of the agricultural estate, have lead us to identify the criticalities and the potentialities, and helped to determine the guide lines for future actions. These action are aimed at building a new business development plan.
The themes and guidelines identified and on which to act are three:

  1. Potential crops and production lines. This concerns the development of new product lines, starting with existing crops, and the introduction of new crops and related products.
  2. Agriculture open to visitors. Here, the first elements of multifunctionality are introduced which concern an expansion of the offer related to the sale and consumption of agricultural products in an innovative way;
  3. Accomodation and leisure. This aspect concerns the well-established concept of multifunctional farm service which from a simple production center becomes a place of knowledge of the rural world, of natural cycles but also of human well-being.

The business development plan provides for the transformation from a simple farm to a business center for the production and processing of agricultural products, the promotion of biodynamic agriculture and knowledge of the landscape and the surrounding area.

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