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The work of our design studio spans between Landscape Design and Architecture on all scales. Gardens are at the centre of this spectrum and represent for Marco Antonini, the founder of the studio, the root of his creative practice.
For over twenty years we have been involved in projects in the fields of Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Garden Design, Architecture, and Interiors.
Our approach and design process, although constantly evolving, always emphasizes the relationship between nature and history and uses this as the starting point.
Our team includes Architects, Landscape Architects, and Agronomists.
We consult for public and private clients both in Italy and abroad, spanning the fields of early planning/feasibility studies to project completion.


Antonini has his advanced degrees in Landscape Architecture and Architecture from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, where he has also taught, as well as lecturing at other cultural institutions.
Antonini’s interest in gardens goes back a long way, dating from before his university studies, when he spent his summers working at the Chelsea Physic Garden in London. These early work experiences add to the depth and breadth of his knowledge of plants and planting preparation.
When establishing his own practice in 1999, Antonini’s motivation was to merge and expand his professional multi-disciplinary knowledge through working relationships with plantsmen, craftsmen, and artists.
Antonini is also a founding member of LAND-I Archicolture, an art collective that constructs highly acclaimed landscape installations.
By implementing designs for international competitions, LAND-I has tested its conceptual research on contemporary space. This has gradually shifted towards a wider definition of ‘built space’, putting landscape at its centre.
Later works lean further towards the meeting of landscape architecture and land art. This contamination with art leads to new spatial expression, eliminating the dichotomy of nature-artifice.

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